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International Catholic






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Vision and Mission

The vision for our church can be summed up in three words: Worship, Service and Evangelism. We are committed to growing in quality and quantity. Our great desire is to win people for Christ, disciple them and incorporate them into our fellowship.

We set our face towards our Lord and obey his command to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbours as ourselves. We are a Biblical people who desire to live righteous lives, grow in grace and exercise the Gifts of the Spirit. We are a Church where worship is free, joyous, biblical and Spiritual. We desire that everyone is involved in ministry.

The diocese is currently under the Apostolic Oversight of the Presiding Bishop,    The Most Reverend Father Todd Bell



Mission Church
White Cottage,
East Yorks.,
YO25 0UX. 

Reverend Eric Frederick Turner,

Mrs Doreen Turner (In the presence of God)


Reverend Cannon Jonathan Martin
32 Gladstone Road
Poole, Dorset
BH12 2LY



Orchard Close
27 Ellerslie Lane
Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex
TN39 4LJ
St Barnabas

Chaplain of Abbey House Residential Home, Bexhill on Sea 

Rev Michael Welch

Mrs Judith Welch, Pastoral Worker




Mission to Asia
35 Toll Bar Crescent

Most Rev Dr David Nicholls PhD MA
Phone: 01524-32240 



House Church, Mission to the Down and Out
Am Wirtsberg 7
85256 Vierkirchen

Rev Rodger Dusatko M.Div.
Tel. 089-4515-99987




Priest in Residence
Am Berg Fidel 66
48153 Münster

Rev Dr Klemens Probst MA 






Reverend Andrew Wragg
Stoke on Trent





Pastoral Workers 

Lynn Dusatko

Am Wirtsberg 7

85256 Germany

Phone 0176 96916108





116 Kenway Street in Rockwall, Texas  -  (972) 771-1378